Monday, July 22, 2013

July 2013- Scott Clark at The Mullet Hole Tavern

The Mullet Hole Tavern has only been open a few weeks and it is already receiving rave reviews for their local, fresh seafood and their delicious cocktails.  

Red wine & Homemade Buffalo Mozzarella are a great combo!
Not only do they serve local seafood but everywhere you look, you are surrounded by historic Crystal River memorabilia.  

Scott is without a doubt, an asset to The Mullet Hole Tavern. He greets you with a smile as soon as you walk in the door. Plus, he is very talented at making unique cocktails! 

Q: How long have you worked here?
A: "Since they opened a few weeks ago. I have really enjoyed the customers and the nice work environment."  

The signature Mullet Dip and white wine

Q: What is your favorite drink?
A: "I love a good Pilsner beer. Pilsner is a pale lager.  My favorite is German-style Pilsner because it has a more earthy taste."

Q: What are some of your favorite drink recipes?
A: "I love to make martinis.  We offer a wide variety of martinis here at Mullet Hole. Some of my favorites to make are a quality dirty gin martini and the red mullet."

Q: How long have you been bartending?

A: "For over 10 years.  I really love being able to meet new people and experiment with recipes."

Q: Where are you from?
A: "Akron, Ohio.  I moved to Florida because of family but it has been a good decision.  I really love motorcycle rides so the weather is ideal for me!"

Q: What do you think makes The Mullet Hole Tavern unique?
A: "The atmosphere is awesome.  The owners really put a lot of thought into it when they designed it.  It is a completely local feel. The owner grew up in Crystal River and wanted to give back to the community by opening the restaurant. Also, we have over 12 scotches available!"

Q: Do you have a favorite ingredient?
A: "I really like using vodka.  It is really versatile for making fun, different drinks.  You can pretty much add any flavor or mixer to it and it can turn out delicious."

Q: What do you toast to?

A: "I toast to a good day out on the bike!" 

Scorpion Tails will give you a tasty kick. They are great with a lite beer.

The Mullet Hole Tavern is located in downtown Crystal River, Florida. They are opened all seven days of the week.  Just make sure you make a reservation if visiting on a Friday or Saturday evening.  

Call 352-564-0902.

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Visit their website to view the menu.

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